Alina Simonova — Russian singer and the author of over a hundred songs in Russian.
«The delicate darkness of the theatre, jazz, bossa nova, swing, blues, tenderness and passion of mythological (вот тут я немного запнулась. Перевод правильный, но я еще посоветуюсь с Мамой, может есть более подходящая ниточка тут.) poetic texts — Alina Simonova… The creation of a miracle. And the miracle of co-creation, when the spectator is not just sitting there aloof in the darkness of a theater but is truly present, face-to-face and is very engaged the process. the genre in which Alina Simonova performs in is not easy to classify. Quite difficult actually, since there are no specific borders to it. Alina herself calls it «MIxArt» — a blend of musical styles. However, the term «MixArt» seems to be about much more than music. It is a mix of arts — the fusion of theatre, poetry and music.